Friday, March 25, 2016

Twenty ways to have a lovely day

Use this table to make the next vehicular encounter unique and more fun.  The bonuses listed were imagined as low (+1 for games like Other Dust, Traveller, or FATE Acellerated or +2 for d20 mechanics) but they can be adjusted however you like.

1. Spikes. Collision damage die one type higher.
2. Hot Rods: bonus to speed
3. Heavies: bonus to armor
4. Boarders: Melee fighters, bonus to try to board your vehicles
5. Battle Rig: protected Semi, with heavy weapons, motorcycle and other light support
6. Convoy: Precious cargo (slaves, livestock, water, gas, artifacts, something weird and irreplaceable)
7. Crazies: High Morale, high-risk tactics
8. Muties: prevalent mutations used to attack.
9. Sharp shooters: bonus to all ranged attacks
10. Fragile: vehicles explode when go to half damage
11. Kamikaze: bonus to all maneuvers to force a collision, ¼ regular hit points.
12. Show-offs: bonus to “flashy” maneuvers and stunts
13. Natives: no terrain penalties
14. Kobolds: Traps, traps, traps
15. Night riders: bonus at night
16. Army: quantity x1d4+1
17. Hit and Run: low morale, all damage dice one type higher
18. Old School: All vehicles are cherry pre-catastrophe models
19. Hellfire: 1 super-weapon
20. Roll again twice