Sunday, February 14, 2016

What the Raiders Want

What the Raiders Want:

Raiders are a staple in post-apoc games. Use this handy generator to help shape the motives of your random encounters.


1.Vehicles. They want your wheels, man. Or your horses. Or your shoes.

2.Slaves/Cannibal fodder/test subjects/trade goods/organ harvesting. Nope, they want your bodies, preferably fresh…er, alive.

3.Cargo (weapons, ammo, rations, etc.). They want your gear, and they want it intact.

4.Ritual. The raiders need to put paid to your transgressions, whether you know about them or not.   (turf protection, initiation rites, adulthood ceremony, religious sacrifice, food for the Beast, status seeking, rule enforcement (taboos, boundaries, treaties, etiquette, tolls) This result has a lot of role-play potential in it, so don’t be afraid to let the solution to this problem be diplomacy, or even a simple apology.